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Johnny’s Pizzeria serves the best pizza in the Tri-State region.

The truth is we are the original Johnny’s. We’ve been in business since 1942 and our customers say we are simply “the best”. We are Zagats rated and we pride ourselves, not only for being a local establishment
where customers walk in hungry; but also for being a ‘planned destination’.

Our pizza and food is so desired that many of our customers travel great distances just to have a meal.
They pass other eating establishments to get to us. They have brought their family and friends for over three generations to show them what amazing pizza tastes like.

At Johnny’s, we don’t sell slices. We sell pies.

Our customers have been visiting Johhny’s for decades, passing on the tradition to their families. That’s the highest form of flattery and we’ll take it.

We’ve been doing this for over 70 years. Come in, bring your family and friends and have a meal.